Why do we do what we do?

A long time ago, we decided to be innovators in our industry. We decided, that if we could bring innovation and outstanding technology to businesses, that we would be able to transform the economic standard of those businesses. Technology is the future, and that is our core belief in interacting with our clients’ concerns. Technology is an opportunity to grow, enhance, transform and be unique.

Rapid Remote strives to be an information systems company, that through affordable and innovative IT (I.T.), information technology implementation, support, maintenance and repair, combines research of your company and its analytics, to transform your business to utmost efficiency and productivity. The end result being that your company is profitable and serving its purpose.

We are not a dine-and-dash company, and will never just install and leave. Our aim is to progressively grow with your business to its full potential.

Custom tailored I.T solutions are important to us, as each business is unique. To enhance a unique business’ potential, we look into the inner workings of the business.

In the process, we explore possibilities, push the boundaries, educate and offer a solution that will benefit your business in a holistic way.

Our qualified I.T. technicians and information systems specialist’s partners with you and structures a solution around the following:

·         The I.T. audit – it assists our technicians and specialists in understanding your business

·         Research – we look into your industry and requirements to see where we can improve your systems

·         Time – our purpose is to effectively come up with a solution that fits your requirements; if we can do instant, we understand it is for your best interest and ours

·         Consultations – managing expectations and informing you of the solution is a primary objective to ensure that we offer an innovative solution that aligns with your business fully. Communication is key

·         Implementation of a solution

·         Advice and education – we advise appropriately and efficiently, whilst repairing and

·         Maintenance – we ensure that your solution is future proof and last your business for the growth period intended, and thus ongoing I.T. support is always a main objective in your solution

Rapid Remote will work with your organization to find the short falls, and implement an ERP which will consist of CRM, and SCM aspects in order to streamline the business operations and actualize massive growth potential, which subsequently escalates profitability, and more importantly, allows your organization to become and stay relevant in the age of digital disruption.

Furthermore, Rapid Remote enables you change your business, and be a leader in your industry, as we implement systems that will allow you to gain deep insight into your industry. With this knowledge, we construct plans and implement technologies that will create an innovative edge for you to enhance your business.