Frequently Asked Questions

My computer does not turn on, what do I do now?
First thing to do would be to remain calm. your files are most likely okay. What you want to do is check of the power cable is plugged in properly, and that there is power at the outlet, also check if there are any surge protection items in-between the electricity and the PC. something like a UPS perhaps or a power strip with a built-in surge protection and try reset it. if not then remove it all together and test it again. If it still does not turn on, I recommend calling one of our branches for a technician to assist you, as it could be related to your PC power supply or your motherboard or any other piece of hardware which require technical attention.
- Rapid Remote I.T. Tech Support,
What do I do when my computer crashes?

First thing you need to do is remain calm. if you suspect that the PC or harddrive has crashed, we would recommend first unplug all USB devices from the machine, with the exception of the keyboard and mouse, and also removing all CD's and then perform what’s called a "Cold Start" -simply unplug the power cord from the PC and then push the power button in for 10 seconds and then plug it back it and try turn it on again. If it still does not boot, it would be in the best interest of the machine to contact one of our branches and request some technical assistance

- Rapid Remote I.T. Tech Support,

I can’t save information to a hard drive or flash drive, what do I do?

If you are presented with an error when trying to copy files to an external location such as a harddrive or flash drive, depending on the error, there are a few things you could try.

first check the permission of the external location, if all permissions are correct and you are allowed to save in that location, then next, try using the external device in another PC, if it does the same thing, then the problem is the device is either corrupt or has been formatted by a different file system, perhaps a apple mac system with read-only attributes. the process is the same, you will have to format the drive and wipe it clean. alternatively, contact our help desk and we can advise you correctly, by gathering some more information.

- Rapid Remote I.T. Tech Support,

What can I do when I accidentally delete information from my hard drive?

If you accidentally delete anything, don’t panic, there are ways to get it back. First thing you need to do is check the recycle bin and if it is there, right-click the item and hit restore!

if it is not on the recycle bin, try checking your shadow copies. Shadow copies are system snapshots taken automatically by windows, if you it was enabled when the system was installed. simply right click the folder where the item was stored, prior to the deletion and click on "Restore Previous Versions" - Here you will see a list of the items stored in the folder and the files’ predecessors. simply restore the correct version either directly to the same folder or copy it to another folder. If the item is not available in there either then kindly contact our help desk and we will try and assist you with a remote restore by use of some third party and proprietary software.

- Rapid Remote I.T. Tech Support,

Are backups of my hard drive necessary?

Only if you care about all your files and folders on it.

If you comfortable with losing everything stored on you PC or laptop, then don’t bother with backups. if you do care about, then yes, you definitely need backups, whether it is saved on an external flash drive, or drop box or google drive, or one drive, you NEED backups! Call us now to discuss your backups.

- Rapid Remote I.T. Tech Support,

How often should I backup my information?

How often you should backup your harddirve depends on how much of work you do, ie. if you are editing documents and files all day, and canty afford to lose any information changes, then you need to backup data very often. if you are comfortable with losing a day worth of edits then you can backup once a day, if you are comfortable with a weeks’ worth of lost work then that is your option. it all depends on your work interval.

- Rapid Remote I.T. Tech Support,

Why should I save information to the company server?

if you work in an environment with a local storage or email server, you need to ask yourself, why has my company installed the server in the place? the most common problem we run into on a daily basis is that users often don’t utilise the installed servers and resources. the server is there to ensure that all data that is tethered to it is safe from failure, corruption, and viruses etc. It should be backed up and clean directly from the server as well allowing sharing services and permission loading. A local server also ensures local governmental and legislative compliance which is serious business, so use it!

- Rapid Remote I.T. Tech Support,

There is no display on the monitor, what do I do now?

If you turn on your PC and you can hear you PC fans spinning up but there is image on the screen, first check of the monitor is turned on, and if there is electricity coming through to it. check the plug point and then check the VGA or DVI cable that is connected to the back of the PC, sometimes it comes loose. if it is, then report the error if any and contact tour help desk for further assistance.

- Rapid Remote I.T. Tech Support,

What do I do if the image on screen is distorted or skewed?

Check your cable that connects to the PC from the monitor. if it is connected correctly then try rebooting the PC. if the image is still distorted then right-click anywhere on the desktop background and click on display settings and go through the troubleshooting steps. if that still does not resolve the problem then either the hardware is faulty or the drivers need to be repaired. this process can be dangerous to try by yourself, rather call our hero’s and allow them to assist you through it.

- Rapid Remote I.T. Tech Support,

How can I clean my keyboard? / Screen

Cleaning your PC peripherals (Keyboard/ mouse/ Monitor) is as easy as just using a dry, microfiber cloth to wipe any dust away. if you have spilt any liquids on the keyboard, you need to first unplug the keyboard, or laptop, turn the keyboard upside down to try and get majority of the liquid out, once you have run most of the liquid out, use a dry cloth or paper towel to wipe whatever excess you can. if there is still more liquid drying into a sticky mess, you can try using a can of compressed air to blow it but the sticky residue will remain behind, you will have to contact one of our help desk heroes to come out and dismantle the devices and clean it with some stereo-static alcohol spray.

- Rapid Remote I.T. Tech Support,

I can't delete a file because it is being used by Windows?

If you are unable to delete file, it could be because the file a system required file and by deleting it, you could be putting the whole system at risk.

Try rebooting the PC first, if the file was accidentally left open by the system and CAN be deleted safely then a reboot will release the file for deletion. if that does not work, contact our help desk and allow a hero to assist.

- Rapid Remote I.T. Tech Support,

Should I update and How can I update my Microsoft Windows computer?

You should update your operating system as often as you can. Many bugs are fixed with updates as well as system issues, and malware loop holes are closed.

To update your windows PC, simply right click on "My Computer / This PC" on the desktop, click "properties" and then "System update" and follow the prompts.

This process is not required on windows 10, as it automatically updates. we do recommend contacting a help desk hero first to ascertain if the update will cause any data loss or damage first.


- Rapid Remote I.T. Tech Support,

I can receive email, but am unable to send email?

Mail Send and receive utilise two different servers. the incoming mail server is related to the server hosting your mailbox, most likely your ISP, or cloud service. the SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Server is the server required for sending or delivering email.

This server changes with every bandwidth platform, for instance, MTN will have their own smtp server address and so will vodacom, and Telkom, and iburst. however, in most cases, your ISP will provide you with details to send your email via authenticated Server which they host, therefore bypassing the local bandwidth service and routing directly through them. find out those details, or contact our help desk for further assistance in setting this up.

- Rapid Remote I.T. Tech Support,

I lost my printer installation disk, how can I install my printer?

Losing you printer installation disk is as common as sliced bread, don’t worry. all you have to do is go to printer manufacturers website, look for "Support" or "Drivers" and enter the model number of the printer and download the drivers and install them. if you run into any issues, don’t forget to contact our certified help desk hero’s!

- Rapid Remote I.T. Tech Support,

What is a computer virus?

A computer virus is a malicious piece of software that has been engineered to cause havoc on your PC. most viruses simply hijack the PC resources in order to process large complex algorithms in exchange for bitcoin, thus slowing your PC down.

Some viruses hijack the email sending ability of your PC and uses this relay large amounts of spam emails under your email address, these are called spam bots.

the most dangerous we encounter is what is referred to as a locky virus or broader term - Ransomware. Ransom ware is a very simple yet efficient virus. it encrypts every single file on your PC and mapped drives, and demands a payment of thousands of Rands in the currency of untraceable Bitcoin, in return for the decryption key, basically holding your files ransom. this is why backups are imperative.

Viruses come from everywhere, USB flash drives, CD's, external harddirves, emails, internet browsing, downloads, we have even seen viruses store themselves on 3g Dongle devices and spread from there. This is where a very good Antivirus comes in. Take our advice, and pay for the antivirus you use, the free versions are good only up to a certain point. it takes not a lot of money to engineer a virus, but a copious amount to counter act them, a paid version of antivirus compared to free version is like night and day.

- Rapid Remote I.T. Tech Support,

How do I get rid of advert pop ups on the Internet?

Advert Pop-ups are the worst! no one needs to be browsing and at the same time, navigating through a undeniable mine field of ads.

To easily rid yourself of ads, simply install the ad-block plugin which is available for all web browsers:

don’t forget to donate to their open source cause!

And always, contact our help desk for assistance on installation!

- Rapid Remote I.T. Tech Support,